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ee-o, ee-o, ee-o, ee-ooooooooooo

the song I'm playing though.. sigh. The Police - "Every Little Thing She Does is Magic".. this song makes me want to cry, lol.

but seriously, i love this song, and i have always loved this song, and this is.. like.. my ideal description of love. when i was younger, i thought the ideal way to be proposed to would be.. to be slow dancing to this song, and mr.right/perfect/whatever would just be singing the words quietly and then when the part goes i resolve to call her up, a thousand times a day, to ask her if she'll marry me in some old-fashioned way.. he would produce a ring. and i would cry.

yay, first post for me. w00t. more later but i guess you should know that's an excerpt from this entry.

anyway. i guess you should know my name.
it's Miranda. or Dani, as friends sometimes call me. just so there's no confusion. simply, though... i am

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